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Key Knowledge Angular Js

Key Knowledge required about Angular JS#

  • Created by Google
  • Model-view-controller framework


  • Html based template
  • Templates are extended with angular elements
  • html elements with ng- attributes, these are called angular directives
  • A directive modifies the functionality {{ Double Curly Braces indicate that data will be replaced with data binding{ Single Curly Braces replaces a reference with an object
Example Code#
  <li ng-click='buyItem(item)' ng-class="{purchased: item.status == 'purchased'}" ng-repeat="item in items">
    {{ }}


  • Connected to each view
  • Js code
  • Bridge between views and data models
  • Concept of scope: shared context of view in DOM and javascript code
  • Definitions of data models that angular binds to interfaces
  • Business logic
Example code#
.controller('ListCtrl', function($scope){
  $scope.items = [];
  $buyItem = function(){


Custom directives#

  • New html elements that create components
  • Exactly what ionic does

Factors or Services#

  • Singleton: Class that can only have a single instantiation at a time, only 1 object will ever exist of that class
  • Encapsulate shared functions
  • Closely related to dependency injection - inject services into controllers when required
Example code#
.factory('parkData', function (){
    var theParkData = [];
    return {
      initData: function (theData){ ... some code ... },
      getParks: function (){ ...some code... }