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Set The Pylint Executor Atom Editor

How to set the pylint executable in the atom editor#

If you have installed linter-pylint and you are getting the following error:

Failed to spawn command pylint. Make sure pylint is installed and on your PATH

The chances are that the package does not know where pylint is.

Fixing the Path for Pylint#

The first thing to do is make sure the package is installed globally (Not in a virtualenv)

pip install pylint

Then find out the path of pylint:

which pylint
> /usr/local/bin/pylint

Now to set the executable:

Method 1#

Click Edit or Atom then Open Config...

Append the following settings:

  executable: "/usr/local/bin/pylint"

Replace /usr/local/bin/pylint with the results of which pylint

Method 2#

Click Edit or Atom then Click Preferences

Select Packages->linter-pylint->Settings

Under Executable set it as the path the pylint

eg. /usr/local/bin/pylint


Github linter-pylint executable issue