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Stormlight Archive

  • Jezerezeh’Elin - mad man killed by Moash
  • Tanelin’Elin (herald of war/soldiers) - abandoned
  • Nalan - nale, Nin - makabaki met with gavilar
  • Charanarach’Elin - herald of the common man
  • Vedeledev
  • Pailiah’Elin
  • Shalash
  • Battah’Elin - Dova in Kharbranth
  • Kelek
  • Ishi (herald of luck)

knight radiants - Kaladin, Lift, Szeth, surgebinders

orders of the knights radiant: windrunner - Kaladin (sylphrena - honorspren), Szeth, Teft, Lopen (Rua) lightweaver - shallan (pattern - cryptic) edgedancer - Lift (wyndle - cultivationspren), Godeke skybreakers - Nale - led by Nale (order did not break their oaths at Recreance), Helaran a minion of Nale dustbringer - Malata - (spark )used division surge causeing objects to degrade to dust or burn elsecaller - Jasnah (ivory - inkspren) - moving between shadesmar bondsmith - Dalanar (Stormfather) stoneward - Zu truthwatchers - Renarin, the stump

Renarin (Glys)

honorblade vs shardblade

szeth had jezriens blade

Mraize - ghostbloods - assassinated Jasnah

Amaram killed Helaran, stole Kaladins shardblade Kaladin took Szeth’s honorblade - severing his arm Aladin kills Sadeas - throwing his shardblade away

Nightwatch - old magic

King Taravangian of KharBranth (and Jah Keved) - hold Szeth’s Oathstone. Some days he is a genius other days an idiot.

Moash - wanted to kill king out of bridge 4 Teft Sigzil - Speach guy

Helaran was sent to kill Amaram as a test

Athethkar families: Bethab, Ruthar, Roion, Thanadal, Kholin, Sebarial, Vamah, Hatham,Aladar

Moash and Graves - shardblades and plate

Odium - passion, Honor - oaths/bonds (Stormfather remnants of dead Honor) and Cultivation - growth.

Taravangian sent Szeth to kill dalinar - as dilnar would resist his takeover attempts. The asssassin failed.

Mrall? Vargo?

Unmade: * Sja-anat - taker of secrets creator and corrupter * Ashertmarn - heart of the revel - indulgence * Yelig-nar - given to queen and amaram * Moelach * Nergaoul - Thrill * Ba-Ado-Mishram - returned to damnation - taken over from Odium at the desolation * Chemoarish - dustmother * Re-Shephir - midnight mother - dark imitations of what she saw * Dai-Gonarthis

Turush turned Amarams army dark

Renarin was bonded to a sorrupted spren that told him to kill the Blackthorn Spren can pass through the oathgates in Shadesmar when called by their hosts to be bonded

listener gemhearts greatshell gemhearts

Ideal of radiance - life before death… Ideal of justice Ideal of dedication - skybreaker Ideal of crusade Ideal of Law

Realms: Physical Cognitive - spren live Spiritural

Aharietiam - day heralds sacrificed one of their own to end the cycle

Graves - working with Taravangian - disagreed on diagram to help or kill him.

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination - First Iedal of windrunners I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. - Second Ideal of windrunners I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right - Third Ideal of Windrunenrs

First desolation from dawnchant translations showed that humankind were called voidbringers. They begged the parshmen to be acccepted after destorying their previous world with surgebinding. - A trick by Taravangian along with the essay saying Dalinar was high king and spoke to Odium

Dalinar accepted responsibility and bound the physical, cognitive and spiritual realms into 1 - Honor’s Perpendicularity. “You cannot take my pain from me” - these words are accepted Cultivations perpendicularity already existed - why Lift can created stormlight by eatings.

Amaram had Oathbringer and stole Szeths honorblade from the bridgemen - killing and hurting Rock, Sigzil

Teft now a knight radiant

Rock killed Amaram

Taravangian tells Dalinar he controlled the Assassin

Drehey and Skar rescued the Elhokars son

Most skybreakrs had chosen to serve Odium

Jasnah was made queen

Rock gave oathbringer to Dalinar

Moash killed elhokar

The Mink - aimia ?

Iyaltil - Mraize’s master

4. Rhythm of War#


Jasnah was forced to marry Amaram by Gavilar. Navani fought with Gavilar before death.


Lirin is still a surgeon taking care of Herdaz people. The singers (parshmen and women) have taken over hearthstone. There are not many fused there. Kaladin appeared in Hearthstone.


shanay-im - the fused version of windrunners the fused use voidlight fused can teleport but not bring objects with them - leaving a crumbing corpse behind Kaladin was fighting the fused in heartstone

Shallan as veil in the warcamps. Had a new identity as Chanasta a Chull seller. Trying to get kidnapped in Sadeases warcamp. - finally they drugged her drink. Sons of Honor.

Floating device to carry Hearthstone people away


Flying Air transport - the fourth bridge. The Mink - Herdaz leader - asked for help to pick up some Herdaz soldiers. Navana sees fourth bridge as her ship. Fused flying in to attack.


Sons of honor met in the chasms. Sons of honor see Dalinar as false god - want high princes to rule. serving Ialai. Used to run errands for Gavilar. They have an informant much closer to Dalinar than Chanasha (Shallan)


Kaladin had 300 windrunners -50 knights Dalinar - bondsmith - opened a perpendiculatiry that filled radiant renewing stormlight. Fused reborn at next everstorm. Kaladin fought leshwi. Chanasta selling artifabrial schematic to the sons of honor.

Cord - rocks kid, had Amarams Shardbow and shardplate from Aimia. Still fighting the fused


Adolin came to chasms to fight sons of honor. Shallan escaped through secret tunnel.

Veil wanted to assisinate Ialai Sadeas. Ghostbloods also wanted her dead.

Renarin has a voidspren inside him.

Moash was at the fight.

The big fused was accosting townspeople


Ialai knew veil was going to kill her - she though Shallan killed thanadal and Vamah Seeing here as a ghostbloods operative for Mraize Ialai was poisoned with Blackbane - by an operative working with Adolin. Fused have a fabrial to block radiants abilities.


Moash killed Roshone. Shallan finds Ialais secret notebook Fused retreat. Renarin saves him from Moash.


Fabrial made by trapping spren in shadesmar Skybreakers - Helaran etc. that attacked Amaram. - joined with the enemy. Ghostbloods - tried to kill Jasnah and Shallan by sinking the ship. They wanted to get to Urithiru before Jasnah. Shallan is part of the ghostbloods. Kaladin lost the plot in front of Moash.


When radiants die their spren live on. Narak centre of shattered plains - where parshendi used to stay. The world had belonged to the singers with Honor as their god. Until humans had arrived, bringing Odium. Dalinar released Kaladin from duty for letting heavenly ones go and fatigue - to put him in another post.


Venli was envoyform - which required taking a voidspren into your gemheart. These singers are called regals. Ordinary singers had warform or workform. Serving one of the fused. Venli also had a radiant spren Timbre protected her from voidspren influences. Leshwi was the fused. She had been offered a malen body. Venli could look into shadesmar to find out if Fused, Regal or ordinary. Voidlight from odium. Stormlight from Honor.


Wit is one of Rock’s gods. Rock went back home to face judgement for killing.


Oathgates could send people back and forth from shadesmar. Jushu, Balat - Shallans brothers are at Urithiru. Mraize had brought them, he now was friends with them. Ghostbloods want to take stormlight into Shadesmar. Nalathis, Scadarial - places in shadesmar

Mraize, said Gavilar wanted immortality. Bringing voidlight between worlds. Wanted Shallan to get Restares - who knew what gavilar was doing. Restares lives in Lasting Integrity (fortress) in Honorspren Shadesmar. In return Shallan gets to know about her past and other info.


Venli was in Kholinar - at the tomb if the emprisoned nine - in stone. They sand and wanted a report. Reporting on the flying ship - that no gem powered it. One of the nine thought it worked by lashing. The nine claim humans know lots about imprisoning spren (fabrials) but not of the oaths - the bond. The nine sent the suppressor (of stormlight) Lezian was the new fused Kaladin fought - the first fused to be killed. His goal is only to kill the one that killed him.

Nexim - Lezian Shany-im - Leshwi Nahn-im - architects

Humans and fused have fought many rounds of eternal war. Each new wave involved a Return - when fused descend to Roshar - called Desolations. Only once the fused broke the heralds through torture could a Return be initiated. Only when heralds die and fo to Braize are the singers unlocked. But the oathpact was shifted to depend only on 1 herald.

When Lezian is not hunting the one who killed him he seeks out the strongest enemy radiant. Leshwi said she is to fight Kaladin before the Pursuer - Lezian.

Raboniel - lady of wishes. Raboniel wants to attack humans now.

The nine - gave Moash - called Vyre an honorblade.


Kaladin discharged from Dalinar’s service. Sigzil made company master of Windrunners, Skar second.

Why were Parshendi after gemhearts? Rlain didn’t want the forced spren bond. Zahel has died before like the fused and heralds.


Gavilar had voidlight before the everstorm. Szeth used to follow the Oathstone, now he swore allegiance to Dalinar. Navani took care of the small for his age Gavinor - who now wanted the sword. The more flawless the gem the less it will leak light The mink, Navani, Dalinar, Adolin, Shallan and Jasnah met.


The Mink is a good strategist. They don’t trust Taravangian that is why troops on cost are high. The Mink suggested taking Emul not Alethkar. Jasnah wants to make it Alethi law to free all slaves and ardents. Ishar forged the Oathpact - trapping heralds. Braize is a planet. Ashyn - the tranquiline halls - also a planet. The shin know secrets but don’t want anything to do with the war.


Kaladin prepared a surgery room and supplies for his father. Kaladin decided to become a surgeon and his father was overjoyed.


Suppression device has a corrupted spren - voidlight. Aluminium interferes with stormlight mechanics. The meeting contingent agreed to attack the fused at Emul. Sigzil said in the meeting an expedition to apologise to the Honorspren in Shadesmar was needed - with spren that approved of their radiants.


1 - 1 Sylphrena#

She has been to Urithiru when it was aligt. Bonded to a knight - Relador. intelligent spren: honorspren, inkspren, cultivationspren, peakspren Stormfather is unhappy Syl gives too much of herself to the human - she must choose. Bondsmiths made the original Oathpact - before Knights Radiant were founded. A Bondsmith connected the Heralds to Braize. A Bondsmith bounds humans to Roshar from their dying world. A bondsmith found about the Nahel bond - the bond between spren and humans.

1 - 2 Sja-anat#

Taker of Secrets. Odium trapped the unmade between cognitive and physical realms. Occupying kholinar with the singers. One of her children - a corrupted spren is to bond with Mraize. Shallan is working for Odium? Odium wanted her going to Emul, she wanted to go to Urithiru.

1 - 3 Taravangian#

Taravangian took care of himself and family - making a deal to keep Kharbranth safe. His armies would betray Dalinar. The diagram was just to protect Kharbranth. Taravangian is a diversion for Odium to cause kak. Mrall was speaking with taravangian. He burnt the Diagram.


Lightweavers got their cryptic quicker. They called themselves the unseen court. Ishnah a lightweaver. Beryle, Vathah. Veil was overruling Shallan - being evil…

Spanreeds do not work between realms - but a metal cube does.


Adolin getting ready to go to shadesmar and Dalinar laying down the law.


Zu’s spren is Ua’Pam - peakspren Godeke’s spren was cultivationspren - composed of vines with crystal hands. Arshqqam - the Truthwatcher (stump) spren was a mistspren. Maya - cultivation spren dead - Adolins shardblade. Sailing to Honorspren. Someone has used Shallan’s cube - the spy was on the mission.


Kaladin still a doctor. Jasnah had sworn the fourth ideal. Teft stepped down from duty with Dalinars blessing. Teft became Kaladins assistant.


By capturing Bo-Ado-Mishram in a gemstone humans had stolen the minds of the singers Veil was back after violating the compact - bringing 3 sketchy characters along. Mraize was head of Sons of Honor.


Kaladin is over being a brighteyes - teft not. Kaladin took the depressed and trauma ridden Noral into his care - from the ardents.


Shallan, Veil and Radiant couldn’t share abilities and did not know what the other did. try find spy ishnah, vathah and beryl - windspren, fearspren and gloryspren Reachers - bronze skinned spren - sailor on prior journey


Dalinars armies to azir protected by Szeth with a lightweaver disguise Taravangian also brought his army Gavinor - king’s son came with navani found hidden sealed off room in URITHIRU spanreed from someone angry about fabrials


The spren contacting Navani had a spy and wanted all spren released from fabrials. Navani threw the spanreed down the cliff on purpose.


Journey by sea in shadesmar ended. Adolin did kata with Maya. Cube had been used again. Adolin and Maya checked out another dead eye in the city.


Mraize exposed Beryl as the spy. Caravan of humans from Tukari. Tukari run by a herald who told them he was a god. Back at the barge - Notum - honorspren they sailed with last time in shadesmar was there. Honorspren still wanted Syl back - Stormfathers daughter. Still hated humans because of the recreance abandoning and killing of bound spren. Notum - the captain was exiled from Lasting Integrity because he let Sylphrena go.


Fused - makay’em - from the depths. Fused and heavenely ones are marching to Urithiru. Raboniel answered Venli’s questions - serving Odium - God of emotion over Honor and cultivation god of law and creatures.


Tukari were following the voyage to Lasting integrity. Shallan is withdrawn as Adolin wants to discuss how to approach the honorspren. Shallan is evil.


Kaladin continued helping Noril and the crazies


Not all spren were imagined by men. Spen could not be killed but could be broken and made into a deadeye