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Intro To Es And History

Introduction to Ecmascript (Javascript)#

Programming language and scripting language.

Intentionally limited, javascript only works within the context of a browser, a java script engine. Doesn’t have access to the filesystem and database. Javascript not designed for input and output. It was designed to manipulate web pages.

Javascript is client side. It is sent to the clients computer and the client runs it locally on their computer.

Javascript although originally designed for the browser it is now in other applications and server side apps. - Acrobat - Photoshop - Node.js - Google Apps Script



Developer by Brendan Ike at netscrape

Netscape 2 Release as Livescript renamed to javascript because of corporate. They have nothing to do with eachother.

Microsoft created their own version called jscript

Netscrape submitted to ECMA standards body to create an independent and standardised edition.


ECMAScript 3: Rely on for support

__ECMAScript 4 Abandoned_


ECMAScript 5