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Setup a Gitlab Runner on Openshift

Setup a Gitlab Runner on Openshift#

Use this article at your own risk - openshift was difficult to work with. Perhaps looks at other projects that are downstream from kubernetes.

When you install openshift - you get an already running default docker registry. You also get a default route…you get alot of things.

Unfortunately the dev experience can still be quite bad without your continuous integration hooked up.

So I’m going to attempt to explain how to link up your corporate gitlab environment to Openshift for easy building, testing and deploying.

There was a semi-decent video on Deploying from gitlab to Openshift OKD however he missed the most important part…creating the template on OKD.

Current Status#

So what is the current status of your infrastructure:

  • A gitlab enterprise edition
  • An Openshift OKD cluster

Usually if you have added a .gitlab-ci.yml to your project and there are no gitlab runners configured it will be in a paused state for an hour with a message like:

There are no runners configured for your project


The first thing you need to do isinstall and register a gitlab runner

Importantly if you are using the linux repo, you need to install docker engine on the gitlab host before installing the gitlab runner.

Use the steps here:

curl -L | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install gitlab-runner
apt-cache madison gitlab-runner
sudo apt-get install gitlab-runner=10.0.0

You then need to register the runner:

To do this you need 2 things: 1. You need a seperate place other than gitlab to install the runner 2. You need to have obtained a token

Obtaining the Shared Runner Token#

Grab the shared-Runner token on the admin/runners page

Then you need to create a new project on openshift using openshift-examples

oc new-project gitlab
# Allow the project to run as root
oc adm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid -z gitlab-ce-user -n gitlab
oc adm policy add-scc-to-user privileged -z gitlab-runner-user -n gitlab
oc apply -f

Then go to the frontend and deploy the image

This worked…until I commited to my project and the runner failed becasue the pod containing 3 containers to run the tests did not work.

Running with gitlab-runner 12.3.0 (a8a019e0)
on k8s_runner hR-xVAaf
Using Kubernetes namespace: gitlab
Using Kubernetes executor with image docker ...
Waiting for pod gitlab/runner-hr-xvaaf-project-88-concurrent-08rlqg to be running, status is Pending
Waiting for pod gitlab/runner-hr-xvaaf-project-88-concurrent-08rlqg to be running, status is Pending
ERROR: Job failed (system failure): timed out waiting for pod to start