Deliver a message to multiple consumers

The producer always sends messages to an exchange

The exchange must know exactly what to do with a message it receives. The rules on what is does, is governed by the exchange type

Exchange types: - direct - topic - headers - fanout - broadcasts all the messages it receives to all the queues


channel.exchange_declare(exchange='logs', type='fanout')

Namesless exchange

The default exchange is nameless

channel.basic_publish(exchange='', routing_key='hello', body=message)

Temporary queues

result = channel.queue_declare()

Disconnect and delete:

result = channel.queue_declare(exclusive=True)


We need to tell the exchange to send messages to our queue. That relationship between exchange and a queue is called a binding.

channel.queue_bind(exchange='logs', queue=result.method.queue)

Top tip: List existing bindings with:

sudo rabbitmqctl list_bindings

The messages will be lost if no queue is bound to the exchange yet, but that’s okay for us; if no consumer is listening yet we can safely discard the message.