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This website is a repo of documentation, notes, summaries, fixes and solutions on software development and related topics. It mainly serves as a personal reference for my research, studies and findings.

I primarily develop web related services and deliver cloud solutions. The fields of web development, automation and cloud services is so wide and expansive. These fields touch on a multitude of topics across the entire technology spectrum.

There is always new and (great) old things to learn and the cool thing is you are free to choose what you learn and at what depth

How to Contribute#

If you would like to make changes, fix syntax or errors or add to the repo you are most welcome. I use mkdocs to build the static html files that are served on the website.

You can find the markdown files that make up this site at

  1. Fork the Repo on github

    Click the fork button
  2. Clone your fork to your computer

    git clone
  3. Add your Fixes under a relevant folder or create a new folder

    edit the mkdocs.yml if required, more info at [mkdocs docs](
  4. Test the site locally

    mkdocs server
  5. When you are happy, add and Commit and push your fixes to your fork

    git add .
    git commit -m "Add openssl overview"
    git push origin master
  6. Create a pull request on github to merge the branch of your fork into the master branch of this repo

As soon as the pull request is merged into master it will be deployed to

Thank you#

Thanks to the following people for inventing markdown:

  • John Gruber
  • Aaron Swartz