Welcome to Fixes.co.za

This is a git repo I use, but you can also use, for any fixes and solutions in tech.

You can find the markdown files that make up this site at github.com/surfer190/fixes

How to Contribute

  1. Fork the Repo on github

Click the fork button

  1. Clone your fork

git clone git@github.com/my-account/fixes.git

  1. Add your Fixes under a relevant folder of create a folder

Folder Names act as category names for your fix

  1. Add and Commit and push your fixes to your fork

git add . git commit -m "Added quick solution for command not found error for atom" git push origin master

  1. Create a pull request on github at: github.com/surfer190/fixes

  2. As soon as the pull request is pulled into master it will be deployed to this site:


How to write well formatted fixes

Use Markdown. Which is plain text formatting designed to be converted to HTML.

Thanks to: - John Gruber @gruber - Aaron Swartz github.com/aarsonsw

Click this link for:A How to guide for markdown