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Tips on Selling Cars

Selling Cars: How to Sell Cars#

“Get the money, get ruthless!”

  • In the job interview tell them you sold cars in the summer - 2 months.
    • How many opps you took (oppotunities) people who walk in - 50/70 opps a month
    • How many cars you sold? how many you wrote - penciling the figures
    • How many flakes - bad credit, no money down? Just get out of talking to these people
  • know the demographic for the type of car you are selling
  • Sell cars that will have resale value down the road, that have low maintenance
    • mazda
    • audi - maintenance nightmares
  • Best dressed salesman - sells th most cars

Hi, welcome to 120 cars, my name is Steve and you are? Name - Name, nice to meet you. Have you ever been to a 120 dealership before? Are you here to see anyone in particular? Wht do you want to achieve by visiting our dealership? Excellent.

  • Break the ice without coming off too offensive - people are very offensive
  • Play it off as a nice kid - don’t be a swindler
  • Smile all the time. When talking on the phone also smile because you will sound better.
  • Gross is what you sell it for over invoice price. Anything over $3000 is 3 pounds.
  • Tell the customer that is the price of the car - the lowest we can go - you win.
  • Confidence in your price. Get them off the price of the car.
  • Sell them on payment - interest rate, term. Get them a good deal on th payment term with deposit and they focus on that.
  • Close 1 out of every 3 - if you don’t you are weak
  • It is all about moving units
  • Hi how you doing - look at a few cars then bring them back to your desk
    • saving you time doftware to narrow down search
    • take their details and contact - better to use cell
    • remind them the big issue - it takes too long - tell them quick and painless
  • On the test drive always keep talking - tell them about everything
  • Open the passanger side - talk safety and service. Sit them in there, close the door and drive
  • Buy it today…
  • Get good at selling specific kinds of cars
  • Tell them to park it in the sold line - play around - have they taken ownership
  • Selling the car and sell yourself - I want to take care of you ensure it is easy
  • Don’t call it trading-in, they are selling us your car.
  • Get model, year and milage
  • If you can ask them to get something for you (they aren’t being a prick) - they are starting up. You are in control. Keep control - ask them to do things, ask them if they want something to drink - do they want a coffee.

If they are holding your pen - you lost control of the deal.

  • Listen to what your manager wants or says - godd managers have been in the business and make lots of money. Work with them - they are trying to make you money too.
  • Put your hand over the price and talk about the payment
    • How close to this number can you come?