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Sdn Nfv Openflow Whitebox Switching

SDN, Openflow, NFV and Whitebox Switching#


Software Defined Networking (SDN)#

Many definitions - the main thing is programmability and automation

  • Physical separation of network control plane from the forwarding plane - where the control plane controls several devices
  • Connects application layer -> controler layer -> infrastucture layer
  • Open flow controller: ODL (Open daylight), Rewho and Onos
  • Openflow, NETCONF, BGP-LS, SNMP are protocols

Vmware Nsx is an overlay SDN implementation - or network virtualisation implementation. A virtual network overlayed over a physical network.

SD-WAN: make better use of the internet - instead of sending traffic across an MPLS network we send some traffic over the internet from a centralised controller.

NBI - North bound interface#

Interface or API between the application and the control layer. A higher level interface.

SBI - South bound interface#

Interface between the control layer and network devices - openflow, etc. Often details of the southbound interface are abstracted - the way actions of the northbound are implemented isn’t the concern.