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R Programming Languaage Integration

The R Programming Language and integrating it with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning#

What is R?#

R is an open source statistical programming language

CRAN The comprehensive R Archive Network is the repo for tools and libraries

Using with Azure Machine Learning Studio#

There is a module called Execute R Script

You can write R code directly in the module

The module allows 2 input datasets, an R Script and an optional zipped set of R scripts

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)#

A Dimensionality reduction technique: it finds a new set of variables, principal components, that are linear combinations of the original dataset and are uncorrelated with all other variables

Note on Trained Models: You can only visualise the results of R algorithms, you cannot use results as input to other machine learning or save as trained models

Time Series#

You can use R Auto-ARIMA or R K-Nearest Neighbor for time series data