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Push Image To Private Image Registry

Pushing Docker Image to a Private Image Registry#

Many docker scheduler and orchestrator platforms provide an internal private registry. This means that you do not use the default and public image registry.

I know that the following platforms let you create an internal registry:

  • portainer
  • Openshift: OKD

Setting up a docker registry is beyond the scope of this article

Intial Setup#

The first thing to do is ensure that the image you have created has been tested and is production ready.

Do you have to know which registry you are building for?

Try and login to your registry to ensure it is setup correctly:

docker login
Username: foo
Login Succeeded
  1. Find the container id and commit it to a new image name

    docker commit c16378f943fe my-api

  2. Tag the remote repo for that image

    docker tag my-api

  3. Push the image

    docker push

Check if it worked by doing:

docker image list

It should list both the local and remote versions