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Mock An Entire Module

How to mock an entire module (all functions and attrbutes)#

Say for example you have a module that sends requests to a live system that you don’t want running when you run tests. The simple solution is to mock the entire module - although it is probably better to refactor that module and only change the function that is doing the sending out. Even better would be to have a settings file for the environment to change the settings to a test server when in testing mode.

Nonetheless, we want to mock a module.

Say your module is called sending_messages, create a file called

from mock import Mock
import sys
import types

module_name = 'sending_messages'
mocked_module = types.ModuleType(module_name)
sys.modules[module_name] = mocked_module

# Do this for every function in that file
mocked_module.my_function_name = Mock(name=module_name+'.my_function_name')

Save that and import it before you import the modules that use that module:

from  mock_sending_messages import mocked_module