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50 Rules for Life - Daily Stoic

50 Rules for Life - Daily Stoic#

  1. Focus on what you control - Epictitus
  2. You control how you respond to what happens, you don’t control what happens - Epictitus
  3. Ask yourself: Is this essential? - Marcus Areilius
  4. Meditate on your Mortality - Marcus Areilius
  5. Value time more than money and possessions - Senecus
  6. You are a product of your habits - Epictitus
  7. You have the power to have no opinion - if you didn’t know it existed you don’t need to have an opinion - Epictitus
  8. Own the morning - Have a good day have a good morning, Have a good life have a good day - Marcus Aurelius
  9. Put the day up for review - Senecus
  10. Don’t suffer imagined troubles - Senecus
  11. Try to see the good in people - Marcus Aurelius
  12. Never be overheard complaining…even to yourself - complaints are for losers they solve nothing - Marcus Aureilius
  13. Two ears, one mouth for a reason - Zeno (Listen more than you talk)
  14. There is always something you can do - some progress - Zeno
  15. Don’t compare yourself with others - Aurelius (Focus on something you can’t control)
  16. Live as if you have died and come back to life - Senecus
  17. The best revenge is not to be like that - Aurelius
  18. Be strict with yourself and lenient with others - self discipline
  19. Put every impression to the test - initial reaction and impressions - test them
  20. Learn something from Everyone - Emerson
  21. Focus on process not the outcomes - Effort and process is something you can control. Outcome is external.
  22. Define what success means to you - do not care about external opinions more than your own
  23. Find a way to love everything that happens - Amor Fati - Embrace it - everything thrown on a fire becomes fuel
  24. Seek out challenges
  25. Don’t follow the mob - think for yourself
  26. Grab the smooth handle - Epictitus - choose the response that empowers you than makes you happy - not the one that makes you angry
  27. Every person / situation is an opportunity for kindness - never pass up an opportunity
  28. Say no (a lot) - marcus aurelius - is this essential?
  29. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - Marcus Aurelius - get a comrade to help you - so what. Asking for help is refusing to give up.
  30. Finding one thing everyday - to be wise - 1 thing at a time
  31. Whats bad for the hive is bad for the bee - Marcus Aurelius
  32. Don’t judge other people - Seneca (Scrubbing off your flaws - leave other people to their own mistakes)
  33. Study the lives of the greats - Seneca
  34. Forgive, forgive, forgive - a gift you give to yourself - let go
  35. Make a little progress each day - Zeno
  36. Journal - Meditations - Conversation with himself
  37. Prepare for lifes innevatible setbacks - Seneca - Be ready - don’t worry?
  38. Look for the poetry in ordinary things - observations - beauty in the mundane
  39. To do wrong to one is to do wrong to yourself - we are all connected
  40. Always choose “alive time” - live this moment or waste time - every moment must matter
  41. Associate only with people that make you better - you become like your friends
  42. If someone offends you, realise you are complicit in taking offence - how you respond
  43. Fate behaves as she pleases - understand it is not in your control
  44. Possessions are yours only in trust - you can only lose what you have - attachments
  45. Don’t make your problems worse by remoaning them - do not make yourself a hinderance to yourself - it poisons the room and atmosphere
  46. Accept success without arrogance, handle failure with indifference - none of them change who you are - be resilient, strong and humble in failure and success. Be the even keel.
  47. Courage. Temperance. Justice. Wisdom. - 4 virtues of stocism. No situation that does not demand these virtues.
  48. The obstacle is the way - there is always something you can do - grow and learn from it. Open an opportunity.
  49. Ego is the enemy - arrogance always makes things worse. Be willing to learn. Don’t be above or below anyone or anything.
  50. Stillness is the key - the secret to charging ahead is slowing down. Focus and see things clearly.

Be your philosophy - live it.