Creating a Keycloak Theme

  1. Mount a local theme to the container (assuming keycloak already running)

     # Create directory for the theme
     mkdir my-theme
     docker container list
     docker commit <running-container-id> <commit-name>
     docker run -d -p 5000:8080 --mount type=bind,source=<my-source>,target=<my-target> <commit-name>
  2. Disable Cache

    The original values are:


    Set it to:


    Copy the file to the host:

     docker cp <container>:opt/jboss/keycloak/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml .

    Send back with:

     docker cp standalone.xml <container>:/opt/jboss/keycloak/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml
  3. Make the login theme

     cd <my-theme>
     mkdir login
     cd login

    Add the following:


    Then go to login. Then change parent=keycloak and it should change.

    For me I had to restart the keycloak service.

  4. Add CSS

    add the file themes/mytheme/login/resources/css/styles.css

     .login-pf body {
         background: DimGrey none;

    then edit


    This removes overrides all the styles of the parent. So you can add them again with: node_modules/patternfly/dist/css/patternfly.css node_modules/patternfly/dist/css/patternfly-additions.css lib/zocial/zocial.css css/login.css css/styles.css

  5. Add Images

    Add to themes/mytheme/login/resources/img

    You can then use the image with:

     body {
         background-image: url('../img/image.jpg');
         background-size: cover;


     <img src="${url.resourcesPath}/img/image.jpg">