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Extension Must be Loaded via Shared Preload Libraries

Pg_stat_statements Must be Loaded via Shared Preload Libraries#

Recently wanted to SELECT some stats from the pg_stat_statements extension and received this:

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_stat_statements LIMIT 1;
ERROR:  pg_stat_statements must be loaded via shared_preload_libraries

The extension was activated with:

CREATE EXTENSION pg_stat_statments;

and the extension was visible in psql:

postgres=> \dx
                                    List of installed extensions
        Name        | Version |   Schema   |                        Description                        
pg_stat_statements | 1.10    | public     | track execution statistics of all SQL statements executed
plpgsql            | 1.0     | pg_catalog | PL/pgSQL procedural language
(2 rows)

However it appears that you must manually edit the configuration to enable that extension.

On AWS RDS one would not need to do this - pg_stat_statements is enabled by default

The Fix#

  1. Find where your config file is:

    postgres=# SHOW config_file; config_file


  2. Edit the config file:

    sudo vim /etc/postgresql/15/main/postgresql.conf

  3. Set:

    shared_preload_libraries = ‘pg_stat_statements’

  4. Restart postgres:

    sudo systemctl restart postgresql@15-main