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Netbox Extensability Overview

Netbox Extensability Overview#

  • Core features in netbox to enhance way you use netbox
  • Allow team and org to integrate

Expertise required#

From easiest to hardest

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Links
  • Webhooks
  • Export Templates
  • REST Api
  • Reports
  • Custom Scripts
  • Plugin Framework


  • feature is exposed in REST API - API proxy for napalm library
  • Interface connection LLDP Neighbours
  • device status and config



pip install napalm
  1. Create Platform and specify NAPALM driver
  2. Assign platform to device with primary IP
  3. Access NAPALM related tabs

Custom Fields#

  • User defined fields added to primary fields
  • Something to store on each device
  • Works same in UI and Rest API
  • Created in the admin section
  • Select the primary object type to add to

Extras -> Custom Fields...

Not sure if this is a thing in netbox 3.0

  • Dynamically generated buttons
  • Link netbox data to other systems

Extras -> Custom Links..

Link to network management system, change management or monitoring


  • Event data occuring in netbox sending to other systems - on object update, create or delete
  • deprovisioning automation
  • Template out a custom request body

Extras -> Webhooks..

Export Templates#

Custom CSV exports

Extras -> Export Templates...


  • Programmatically interact with netbox
  • Browsable API
  • swagger api: /api/docs


  • pynetbox
  • go-netbox


  • user created validation of data
  • boilerplate to execute script
  • Validate that device hostnames conform to a naming convention

Custom Scripts#

  • python scripts for generic actions
  • similar to reports but gets user input
  • business logic within netbox

  • Allow provisioning

  • Can do dry run
  • Can do a naming convention - with user input

Plugins Framework#

  • Developer centric
  • Packaging functionality on top of netbox
  • Can crete new models, views and APIs
  • Can extend primary object views

  • List views

  • No burden of forking the project and maintaining the intergration and upstream