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Netbox Extensability Overview

Netbox Extensability Overview#

  • Core features in netbox to enhance way you use netbox
  • Allow team and org to integrate

Expertise required#

From easiest to hardest

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Links
  • Webhooks
  • Export Templates
  • REST Api
  • Reports
  • Custom Scripts
  • Plugin Framework


  • feature is exposed in REST API - API proxy for napalm library
  • Interface connection LLDP Neighbours
  • device status and config


  1. Install

    pip install napalm
  2. Create Platform and specify NAPALM driver

  3. Assign platform to device with primary IP
  4. Access NAPALM related tabs

Custom Fields#

  • User defined fields added to primary fields
  • Something to store on each device
  • Works same in UI and Rest API
  • Created in the admin section
  • Select the primary object type to add to

Extras -> Custom Fields...

Not sure if this is a thing in netbox 3.0

  • Dynamically generated buttons
  • Link netbox data to other systems

Extras -> Custom Links..

Link to network management system, change management or monitoring


  • Event data occuring in netbox sending to other systems - on object update, create or delete
  • deprovisioning automation
  • Template out a custom request body

Extras -> Webhooks..

Export Templates#

Custom CSV exports

Extras -> Export Templates...


  • Programmatically interact with netbox
  • Browsable API
  • swagger api: /api/docs


  • pynetbox
  • go-netbox


  • user created validation of data
  • boilerplate to execute script
  • Validate that device hostnames conform to a naming convention

Custom Scripts#

  • python scripts for generic actions
  • similar to reports but gets user input
  • business logic within netbox

  • Allow provisioning

  • Can do dry run
  • Can do a naming convention - with user input

Plugins Framework#

  • Developer centric
  • Packaging functionality on top of netbox
  • Can crete new models, views and APIs
  • Can extend primary object views

  • List views

  • No burden of forking the project and maintaining the integration and upstream