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Remote - Office not Required

Remote: Office not Required#

  • Work does not happen at work: office is a hive for distraction
  • Stop Communiting your life away
  • Escape 9 to 5: Good work happens at any time
  • End the city monopoly: Being forced to live on top of one another
  • Your life no longer needs to be divided into arbitrary phases of work and retirement.
  • Shed the resentment of golden handcuffs that keep you from living how you really want to live.
  • The new luxury is the luxury of freedom, choice and time.
  • Letting people work remotely is about promoting quality of life
  • Not all or nothing - just differences, options and choices
  • Why do companies trust their 3rd party services (legal etc.) but not their own employees
  • Lots of work is already dont not face to face
  • A voice connection and a shared screen can convey wonders
  • Lack of trust - how do I know they are working? If you trust your employees and pick ones that will excel like capable adults - it will happen
  • If you aren’t trusted to work remotely how are you trusted for anything at all
  • If you’re sitting in a dedicated room intended for work with the door closed, you stand a far better chance of staying on task

It’s like taking a nice vacation. It’s great to be away from work for a couple of weeks, but there’s only so much time you can spend lying on a beach blanket or exploring Paris before that gets boring too.

Most people want to work, as long as it’s stimulating and fulfilling.


  1. Hard drive encryption
  2. Require a password when waking from sleep
  3. Make sure all smart phones use lock codes and can be wiped remotely
  4. Use a unique long form password for every site you visit
  5. Turn on 3-factor wuth when applicable