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  • Don’t create any chips or sell systems - just sell the IP
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Data Bandwidth and latency drive future designs

The internet started when clients would be primarily downloading from the cloud - from the cloud to endpoints.

Now we have many devices that want to share data and send it upstream.

Why k3s on ARM?

Now applications on devices are being deployed as containers - with more smarts on the device. k3s is a good fit for these devices - lightweight.

Deploying applications on devices from the cloud.


k8s master == k3s server
k8s worker == k3s agent

k3s HA Requirements

  • Unique hostnames
  • Linux - Ubuntu 16, 18 or raspbian buster

Minimum: 512Mb RAM, 1 CPU and SSD is recommended

Networking: * 6443 (api-server) * 8472 UDP (flannel - CNI?) * 10250 (metrics-server)

Need to be open for nodes

HA can be setup with 2 nodes. 2 combined server/agent + 1 external db

For k8s 3 nodes are needed for etcd requirements and need for a quorum