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Creating A Simple Python Library

Creating a Simple Library#

To create a simple python library that you can import into another python file create the file Create a new file and define a function, give this function a comment as to what is Does

def split_words(paragraph):
    """This function splits a sentence by spaces

    returns a list of words"""
    words = paragraph.split(' ')
    return words

Using the Library#

Now you can import the library

import textutils_pack

sentence = "And on that day, no a single damn was given."
words = textutils_pack.split_words(sentence)

You can also call the function without referencing the library:

from textutils_pack import *

words = split_words(sentence)

Other Cool things#

Open the Python Interpreter: python

Import the library: import textutils_pack

You can then check help on the library with:


or on a specific function


Marking a Directory as a Library#

To mark a directory as a library add a file in it called: Most of the time these files are blank.


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