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Postgresql - Statistics Collector

Postgres Statistics Collector#

As always - use the source postgres docs over these notes.

View all available Stat Views#

SELECT viewname
FROM pg_views
WHERE viewname LIKE 'pg_stat%';

Check when last stats were reset#

SELECT * FROM pg_stat_database;

Reset All Stat Counters#

SELECT pg_stat_reset();

Resets all statistics counters for the current database to zero

This needs to be run on each database you are connected to. The same as enabling extensions.


pg_stat_statement is part of an extensions/module and not pg core.

If pg_stat_statement is enabled:

CREATE extension pg_stat_statements;

Stats can be refreshed with:

select pg_stat_statements_reset();

Dynamic Statistics Views#

Instantaneous views

-- current activity - active connections, queries being run, ip addresses
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;

-- replications to connected standby server
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_replication;

-- WAL receiver from that receiver's connected server (does not work)
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_wal_receiver;

-- information about the subscription workers (no records)
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_subscription;

-- information about SSL used on this connection
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_ssl;

-- information about GSSAPI authentication and encryption used on this connection
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_gssapi;

-- backends running ANALYZE, showing current progress
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_progress_analyze;

-- backends running CREATE INDEX or REINDEX, showing current progress
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_progress_create_index;

-- current progress of vacuums
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_progress_vacuum;

-- CLUSTER or VACUUM FULL progress
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_progress_cluster;

-- WAL sender process streaming a base backup
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_progress_basebackup;

-- Running COPY progress
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_progress_copy;

Collected Statistics Views#

-- WAL archiver process's activity
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_archiver;

-- background writer process's activity
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_bgwriter;

-- WAL Activity
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_wal;
-- ERROR:  Function pg_stat_get_wal() is currently not supported for Aurora

-- database-wide statistics - last stats reset, number of tuples inserter, read etc
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_database;

-- query cancels due to conflict with recovery on standby servers
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_database_conflicts;

-- one row of stats per table in the cluster - all tables shown
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_all_tables ORDER BY seq_tup_read DESC;

-- only system tables are shown
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_sys_tables;

-- Only user tables shown
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_user_tables ORDER BY n_dead_tup DESC;

-- counts actions taken so far within the current transaction
-- pg_stat_xact_sys_tables
-- pg_stat_xact_user_tables
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_xact_all_tables;

-- showing statistics about accesses to that specific index
-- pg_stat_sys_indexes
-- pg_stat_user_indexes
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_all_indexes;

-- showing statistics about I/O on that specific index
-- pg_statio_sys_indexes
-- pg_statio_user_indexes
SELECT * FROM pg_statio_all_indexes ORDER BY idx_blks_read DESC;

-- showing statistics about I/O on that specific table
-- pg_statio_sys_tables
-- pg_statio_user_tables
SELECT * FROM pg_statio_all_tables

--  showing statistics about I/O on that specific sequence
-- pg_statio_sys_sequences
-- pg_statio_user_sequences
SELECT * FROM pg_statio_all_sequences;

-- statistics about executions of that function
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_user_functions;

-- statistics about functions in transactions
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_xact_user_functions;

-- stats about simple least-recently-used
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_slru;

-- stats about the replication slot's usage
SELECT * FROM pg_stat_replication_slots;


pg_locks view

SELECT * FROM pg_locks;

pg_locks contains one row per active lockable object, requested lock mode, and relevant process