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Git Corrupt Loose Object

Loose Objects, Empty Objects, ref does not point to valid object, Invalid sha1 pointer#

Something like this

error: object file .git/objects/eb/0d37edc20d9c937754acd6d4dcc41b2b854acd is empty
fatal: loose object eb0d37edc20d9c937754acd6d4dcc41b2b854acd (stored in .git/objects/eb/0d37edc20d9c937754acd6d4dcc41b2b854acd) is corrupt


dangling blob 5801781ef66b4f5f402e07cb1d9d436953c46846


error: refs/remotes/origin/master does not point to a valid object!


[ create a backup of the corrupt directory: cp -R foo foo-backup ]
clone again the remote repository to a new directory: git clone foo-newclone
delete the corrupt .git subdirectory: rm -rf foo/.git
move the newly cloned .git subdirectory into foo: mv foo-newclone/.git foo
delete the rest of the temporary new clone: rm -rf foo-newclone