Laravel 5 Layout#

A master layout is used for a master layout, which typically consists of a header and footer, as well as a log and navigation bar.

Creating a layout#

  • Create a directory: resources/views/layouts

  • Create a file called master.blade.php

With the follwing basic content:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Welcome to Laravel</title>

The @yield directive identifies the name of the section embedded into the template.

Using the layout in Views#

You will need to Add:



<Content Goes here>


to the top of each view that uses that layout

Note: Dot notation to represent path

Defining Multiple Layout Sections#

Eg. Main Content and a Sidebar @section

@show: A shortcut for closing a section and immediately yielding it

@parent: cause anything in the views sidebar section to be appended to that is the layouts sidebat section

You can replace instead of append by removing the @parent

## View Partials

Recurring views

#### Declaring

In resources/views/partials/row.blade.php:

``` {{ $link->name }}

#### Using View Partials

@foreach ($links as $link) @include('partials.row', array('link' => $link)) @endforeach

## Integrating CSS and ECMAScript

Images, CSS and ECMAScript should be placed in the `public` folder.

You can use the `LaravelCollective/HTML` package but it seems a waste

No wonder it was removed from the framework but you can check the docs at [Laravel Collective]( or on the [laravel Collective Github page](

## Bootstrap

They can't make up their minds whether to keep bootstrap as standard or not.

#### Use a CDN

You could just use a CDN though:

#### Or If you are Cool...

Where bootstrap is not prepackaged, [get bootstrap]( and download the source files.

Place unzipped contents into `resources/assets/less/bootstrap`

Then place the following at the top of `resources/assets/less/app.less`

@import “bootstrap/bootstrap”; ```

The @import statement automatically compiles the less into app.css

note: Laravel does not include bootstraps javascript files


I don’t see what the fuss is about but you can try it if you want Bootstrapper