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Vim Basics

Basics of Vim#

Two modes:#

  • insert
  • normal

Move around#

You can use the cursor arrows, but there is also: h, j, k, l

w - Moves to the start of next word

e - Moves to the end of the word

b - Moves to the beginning of a word

Inserting text repeatedly#

Formula: <Num>i<character> then Esc

30 hyphens: 30i- then Esc

Find matching parenthesis#

Use % to go to the matching bracket

{} - Braces [] - Brackets () - Parenthesis

Beginning and End of Line#

0 - go to the beginning of the line $ - go to the end of a line

Find the Next occurance of a word under cursor#

* - next # - previous

gg or H - Go to the beginning of a file G - Go to the end of a file

Go to a specific line#

Go to 4th line:

  • :4 then Esc
  • 4G

Searching for text#

Press / and then the text you are searchng for

n: Go to next occurance N: Go to previous occurance

Insert text on a new line#

o: Insert and go to new line after O: Insert and go to new line before

Remove a character udner the cursor#

x: Removes character under the cursor X: Removes character before the cursor


d + … : Deleting with movement dw: delete to the start of the next word

Visual mode#

v enters visual mode

Undo and Redo#

u to undo ctrl + r to redo

get help#


Repeat the previous command#

. : Repeats the previous command


yy - yank(copy) a line


p: paste after current position P: paste after current position