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Vmware Remote

VMWare Tools for Remote Access#

VDI (Virtual Desktop) vs Terminal Server#

First let understand the difference between terminal server and virtual desktop remote access.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrasturcture)#

  • No local pc required
  • custom version of software per user
  • designed for multimedia and desktop functionality
  • local atttached storage is available on the remote desktop
  • resources are individual to the user

TS (Terminal Server)#

  • local pc is required
  • all users share the same software
  • all resources are shared
  • struggles with multimedia - graphics and audio

VmWare Remote Access Options#

  • VMware Workstation
  • Mware Remote Console (VMRC)
  • VMWare Horizon

VMware Remote Console (VMRC)#

  • Standalone windows, mac and linux application. It provides console access to the vm on a remote.
  • You can only launch VMware Remote Console (VMRC) from within the web client - “Launch Remote Access”
  • VMRC is supported by all vSphere 5.1 and ESX configurations, and by all vCloud Director 5.1 configurations.
Using VMRC in VCloud Director#

According to the vcloud direcctor vmrc docs

You log into the tenant portal, select Action then select Launch VM Remote Console

Accessing VMRC via the API#

Docs on accessing vmrc via the api

VMWare Horizon#

  • A tool to create a virtual desktop infrastructure and uses the vSphere for hosting virtual desktops
  • All data lives in the data center, not on the endpoint, there are significant security benefits of VDI
  • Easier to scale