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Remove and add indexes programmatically

Indexes can made insert and update operations slow. One may want to remove them - do the inserts/updates - then add them back once complete for performance reasons.

To do that programmatically with sqlalchemy:

Removing Indexes#

# Remove indexes"START: Removing catalogue indexes")

with session() as db_session:
    db_session.execute("DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY IF EXISTS ix_catalogue_store_code;")"COMPLETE: Removing catalogue indexes")

Adding Indexes#

    # Add Indexes"START: Adding catalogue indexes back")

    with session() as db_session:
        db_session.execute("CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY IF NOT EXISTS ix_multi_catalogue_version_store_code ON public.catalogue USING btree (catalogue_version, store_code);")"COMPLETE: Adding catalogue indexes back")

Avoiding a Situation where the Index is not added Back#

To avoid the situation where an index is not added back. Make use of a finally clause in python’s try...except...finally.