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Black Hole

Black holes#

Light cannot be emitted from the black hole

Matter falls into infinitely deep hole

Reach speed of light as you pass into the black hole, after that we don’t know.

30 years ago black holes were just theoretical, a prediction by Einstein.

Sagittarius A star - closest black hole, 4 million times more massive than the sun, 26 thousand light years from earth

NGC4889 is the biggest black hole found - 500 million times bigger than the sun

Black holes are formed by the death of a massive star

Must be 4 - 8 times bigger than the sun

Known as hypergiants. When they collapse the core keeps collapsing into a psace smaller than an atom. A black hole is born.

Super massive black holes bring more and more matter, friction builds up and the disc starts to glow. The brighter, the bigger the black hole.

Quasars - Intense light and energy, outshining entire galaxies.

Too much matter, collisions become so violent gigantic amounts of energy creates the brightest light in the universe. A quasar.

Theory is Quasars are centres of galaxies

100’s of millions of galaxies in the universe and there is a super massive black hole at the centre of each one

They create the galaxies

Our galaxy is the milky way

In 4 billion years it will smash into the Anromeda galaxy, merging into a super galaxy Milkdromeda

Einstein theorised that near a black hole, time would be extended. Theory of relativity. Time would slow down. People going through event horon would not notice time being stretched.