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Network Automation Terms Glossary

Network Automation Terminology#

Terms that are good to know in a network automation context

hypervisor kernel MAC Learning underlay network - underlying physical network that you cable up overlay network - built using network virtualisation that dynamically creates tunnels between virtual switches within a datacentre TOR Switches 802.1Q trunking SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol - these tools poll certain MIB’s (Management Information Bases) IOS device

Traditional Protocols#

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) - establishing neighbour adjecencies iwth other BGP routeres LLDP OSPF - routing protocol used to communicate with other routers Spanning Tree RIP - routing protocol used to communicate with other routers


Frame Relay MPLS


VRF - Virtual Routing and Forwarding

three-tier application

BGP table OSPF adjacencies active neighbors

application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs)

VLAN provisioning configure top-of-rack switches



Frame Relay ATM

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)

VLAN SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

default gateway - Your router, network path to the rest of the world.

VPC - Virtual PortChannel? Cisco MLAG - Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Arista

Home Phone Network#

  • PSTN (Public switched telephone network)
  • SS7 (Signaling system 7)

CSMA/CD - Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection

NIC - Network Interface Card

MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit

PAM5 (Five-level pulse amplitude modulation)

Tos (Type of Service) -

loopback - used for identifying and testing localhost

ARP maps MAC addresses to IP Addresses

Network Automation: Software defined Architecture#

  • OpenDaylight - A controller infrastructure built for SDN deployments
  • OpenContrail - An open-source network virtualization platform for the cloud