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Ansible Local Infrastructure

ansible locally#

Test-driven development has given rise to infrastructure testing, so testing locally before going into live environments.

Which inherently creates documented and reversable infrastructure


Vagrant - Server Priovisioning Tool Virtualbox - A local virtualization environement

Setting up Vagrant#

Download vagrant

Download virtualbox

Add a box From Hashicorp atlas

Adding and Initializing#

#Box management: add
vagrant box add <box_name> <box_url>

#Initializes new vagrant environments using VagrantFile
vagrant init <box_name>

#Booot up the Server
vagrant up

Basic Vagrant Commands#

vagrant halt : shut down the VM

vagrant up : bring back up

vagrant ssh: ssh into box

vagrant ssh-coonfig: get required SSH details

vagrant destroy: completely delete the machine from virtualbox

Setting Ansible as the Provisioner#

In VagrantFile:

# Provisioning configuration for Ansible.
config.vm.provision "ansible" do |ansible|
ansible.playbook = "playbook.yml"