Set Up Monitoring on your k8s cluster with the Helm and Prometheus Operator

A monitoring system usually consists of: * a time-series database holding metrics * a visualization layer * an alerting layer

One popular monitoring solutions is: * Prometheus - A time series database and monitoring tool that works by polling metrics endpoints and processing the data from them * Grafana - A data analytics and visualisation tool to build dashboards for your metrics * AlertManager - Usually deployed alongside Prometheus - deduplicating, grouping, and routing alerts

On the kubernetes side - these expose cluster and machine level metrics: * kube-state-metrics * node_exporter

Deploying all of this can be tricky but we can make use of Helm (package manager) with the Prometheus Operator and kube-prometheus.

The prometheus-operator chart is used.

…This is a bit too advanced to dig into for now…too much complexity