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Openshift Web Console White Screen Of Death

Openshift Troubleshooting: White screen of death#

If you are getting the white screen of death usually there is a problem in the openshift-web-console project.

Ensure the pods are running:

oc project openshift-web-console
oc get pods

If you see something like this you need to investigate further:

NAME                          READY     STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
webconsole-777564d747-q48l5   0/1       CrashLoopBackOff   40         21d

Get the logs for the pod

oc logs webconsole-777564d747-q48l5

I saw this issue:

W1029 13:34:48.100641       1 start.go:93] Warning: config.clusterInfo.loggingPublicURL: Invalid value: "": required to view aggregated container logs in the console, web console start will continue.
Error: "" is invalid: [config.clusterInfo.metricsPublicURL: Invalid value: "hawkular/metrics": must contain a scheme (e.g. https://), config.clusterInfo.metricsPublicURL: Invalid value: "hawkular/metrics": must contain a host]

That is an issue with the configmap of the project, so to edit it, do:

oc edit configmap/webconsole-config -n openshift-web-console

and add the metricsPublicURL.

To redeploy you need to scale up and then down again:

oc scale --replicas=0 deployment.apps/webconsole
oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/webconsole

watch oc get pods -n openshift-web-console