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The Speedbag Bible Routines

The Speedbag Bible Routines#

Front Circle Punch (FCP)#

  1. One fist

    L (FCP), L (FCP), L (FCP), L (FCP)

  2. Alternating firsts

    L (FCP), L (FCP), R (FCP), R (FCP)

  3. Continual alternating firsts

    L (FCP), R (FCP), L (FCP), R (FCP)

Front Straight Punch (FSP)#

  1. Each first Separately

    R (FSP), R (FSP), R (FSP), R (FSP)

  2. FSP and FCP together

    R (FSP), R (FCP), L (FSP), L (FCP)…

    Important routine. Can be varied with multiple FCP’s in between

    R (FSP), R (FCP), R (FCP), R (FCP), L (FSP), L (FCP), L (FCP), L (FCP)…

Front Double Punch (FDP)#

A singe rebound before the second punch, thereafter the ball will rebound 3 times. It can be 2 FCP (Front circle punches) or a FCP followed by a FSP.

  1. Basic Rhythm (LLRR) same arm lead

    L (FSP), L-R (FDP), R (FCP), L (FSP), L-R (FDP), R (FCP)…

  2. Basic rhythm alternating lead fist

    L (FSP), L-R (FDP), R (FCP), L (FSP), L (FCP), R (FSP), R-L (FDP), L (FCP), R (FSP), R (FCP)…

  3. Changing Lead Hand with 1 Punch

    L (FSP), L-R (FDP), R (FCP), R-L (FDP), L (FCP), L-R (FDP), R (FCP), R-L (FDP), L (FCP)

  4. Continuous front double punch

    L (FSP), L-R (FDP), R-L (FDP), L-R (FDP), R-L (FDP)…

Front First Rolling (F-Roll)#

Trick is to keep the fists close in a V and step in towards the bag

  1. Same hand enters and exists a F-ROLL

    R (FCP), R (FCP), R (FCP), R-L-R-L-R (F-ROLL), R (FCP), R (FCP), R (FCP), R-L-R-L-R (F-ROLL)