Django Adding default data After Migrations

So we are talking RunPython here not fixtures

Create an empty migration (remember to have already created the migrations for the table you are adding default data for)

    ./ makemigrations <app_name> --empty -n <name_of_migration>

It will probably already have a dependency of the previous migration

Acquire the model with:

ModelName = apps.get_model("<app_name>", "<model_name>")

Then do actions on it much like in the docs:

    from django.db import migrations

    def forwards_func(apps, schema_editor):
        # We get the model from the versioned app registry;
        # if we directly import it, it'll be the wrong version
        Country = apps.get_model("myapp", "Country")
        db_alias = schema_editor.connection.alias
            Country(name="USA", code="us"),
            Country(name="France", code="fr"),

    def reverse_func(apps, schema_editor):
        # forwards_func() creates two Country instances,
        # so reverse_func() should delete them.
        Country = apps.get_model("myapp", "Country")
        db_alias = schema_editor.connection.alias
        Country.objects.using(db_alias).filter(name="USA", code="us").delete()
        Country.objects.using(db_alias).filter(name="France", code="fr").delete()

    class Migration(migrations.Migration):

        dependencies = []

        operations = [
            migrations.RunPython(forwards_func, reverse_func),