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High Performance Sports Betting - Key Notes

High Performance Sports Betting Notes#

Typical Mistakes#

  • Betting for excitement - not for profit
  • Betting too big
  • Over-betting - too frequently
  • Betting in states of anger, frustration and greed
  • Not keeping a record of bets

One moment of indecision, or wishful thinking, can negate even the most perfected strategy; and one moment of stubbornness or pride can mutate even the most harmless of losses into a betting-account car crash.

Winning Mindset#

  1. Take responsibility for your performance and results
  2. Adopt a Mastery Approach
  3. Get comfortable with uncertainty
  4. Focus on managing risk - not picking winners
  5. Process over results
  6. Take a long term view
  7. Enjoy small wins
  8. Believe you can be a winner


  • Always looking to improve - learn and grow
  • Focusing on your own performance
  • Embracing mistakes as part of learning
  • Learning from losses
  • Focusing on what is controllable

Winning is less important than not losing

Know what money is - the fundamentals - how it is created. Respect it, but understand that it needs to be put at risk.

You should also remember that your winnings aren’t actually won till you’ve sent them from your bookmaker’s account to your bank account

Thinking in part like a bookie and not a punter is critical to sports betting success

fun bets and online casinos are traps


  • I fully accept that losses are a part of my betting
  • I am a risk taker. I embrace and manage my risk to maximise my profits
  • I am a winner when I execute my strategy flawlessly

Bet for Profits, not Excitement#

What is your motivation?#

Either for fun or profits.

If you do the below you must stop:

  • going racing socially and having a small bet on races
  • having a bet every Saturday on horses and football
  • watching a football match and betting on the outcome

What is your betting type?#

  • professional - derive income from betting
  • semi-professional - side income
  • punter - betting regular without a professional approach
  • entertainment - focus on fun
  • casual - bettors on big events
  • addict

Create an inner driver for success

Prepare to win#

  1. Known the game - learn about betting markets and probabilities. Research extensively first.
  2. Stack the odds in your favour - ensure a positive expectancy
  3. Specialise to get an edge - many different sports and markets - choose one’s you win in.
  4. Preparation - Plan -> Execute -> Evaluate

    Get rich slowly

Calculate your expectancy:

(Percentage of winners in decimal format x average winning bet in monetary terms) - (Percentage of losers in decimal format x average losing bet in monetary terms)

Master one sport

Keep Score#

Evaluation is part of continual improvement and mastery

Continually seek to maximise the effectiveness of your strategy

The majority of people in sports betting do not keep a record of their bets - and do little evaluation.

Your memory is coded largely by the strength of the emotional attachment to that memory

Find the sports that you win on and focus on that. Cut out sports that you lose on.