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Backtesting Algorithmic Trading With Python

Backtesting algorithmic trading with Python#

Backtesting is the research process of applying a trading strategy idea to historical data in order to ascertain past performance

Backtesting can always take more and more factors into account and are hardly ever finished

Types of Backtesting Systems#

  • Research based - Used to find out if a strategy works. Speed of development > speed of execution (matlab, R, python)
  • Event-based - Carried out in the trade-execution cycle, modeling real world scenario. Speed of execution > speed of development (c, c++, java)

Intial Backtester#

Required parts:

  • Strategy - reveives bars (Open, High, Low, CLose) on a time basis. It will produce signals (1, 0, -1) for (long, hold and short)
  • Portfolio - Receives the signals from Strategy, creating positions allocated against cash. It keeps track of fees and trades and forms an equity curve
  • Performance - Takes the portfolio object and returns useful stats about the performance. Risk return, Sharpe, Drawdown etc.