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Creating a Callback to Send Data From Fragment to Activity

How to Implement a Callback Method to Send Data from a Fragment to an Activity#

  1. In the Fragment Class (

    Declare an Interface with as many abstract methods as required

    public interface Callbacks {
        public void runAbstractMethod(MyData mydata);

    Remember only signiture is required for an interface

  2. In the Activity Class:

    Add Code to the class declaration to Implment the Interface in the Fragment class

    public class MainActivity extends Activity
        implements MyFragment.Callbacks {

    Implement the methods (Alt + Enter) creates.

    public void runAbstractMethod(MyData mydata){
        //Get a reference to the bundle representing all of the MyData objects data
        //Uses a custom method of the MyData Class
        Bundle b = mydata.makeBundle();
        //or if your class implements serializable you can use
        b.putSerialiazble("myData", ( mydata);
        //Create an Intent to Launch the Activity
        Intent intent = new Intent(this, MyDataActivity.class);
        intent.putExtra("MY_KEY", b);
        //Want to See a Result so use
        startActivityForResult(intent, "100");
  3. Setup Communication from Fragment to Actviity

    In Fragment Class (

    Get a reference to the Activity Class#

    ``` //Declare a variable as an Implementation of the Callbacks Interface private Callbacks activity;

    //Override the OnAttach method public void onAttach(Activity activity){ super.onAttach(activity); this.activity = (Callbacks)activity; } ```

    Run the Method:#

    ``` //Use a Click Listener or Some event public void RuntheMethod(){ //Setup the data MyData mydata = ....

    //Run the Method

    } ```

    Make sure the Activity is registered in the Manifest File

  4. Receive Bundle from MainActivity in New Activity and pass to fragment


    MyFragment fragment = new MyFragment();
    //after instantiating the fragment class
    Bundle args = getIntent().getBundleExtra("MY_KEY");
    //use fragement manager and send it
  5. Receive Arguments - in Fragments OnCreate


    public void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState){ super.onCreate(savedInstance);

    bundle b = getArguments();
    if (b != null){
        MyData mydata = new Flower(b);