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The Sun

The Sun#

90 million miles away

1 million times bigger than earth

5 billion year old son

Solar storms could damage earth They can fry communication satelites

solar magentic fields die out as solar flares, or some blow up creating big radiation which can hit us in minutes

16 light years away, 3 times smaller than our sun it spins 9 times faster. Magentic field is 100 times stronger. EV Leserti.

Most solar systems have 2 stars (suns) in their galaxy. We are lucky to have a single sun. EW Sipii. A parasite so half of other star is dark.

Takes 8 minutes for light to hit us from sun

The sun is a rarely small star.

250 light years away…Bellatrix. 6 times bigger than the sun, 4000 times brighter. But will die young.

5 billion more years for the sun as it is stable

4 billion years ago the solar wind rips off it’s atmosphere and bakes the planet

Cosmic waves are lots of cosmic particles created when a star explodes. The suns magnetic field is pulled by the solar wind creating a heliosphere that shields us from harmful galactic rays from the cosmos.